Penwith Volunteer Bureau – final film!


#3 Youth filming

This evening we went along again to the established group of young people that the youth detachment team see every Tuesday. The children had been very keen to get involved with the filming last time we went and Sally text them in advance to tell them we would be there.

Unfortunately for us the weather was terrible, with a big downpour and this reflected in the low turnout of young people. Unlike last time where the group reached about fifteen, there were just three keen young boys who braved it down to the skatepark.

We knew what we wanted from this session, and asked early on if the boys would be willing to talk to us individually about what they feel they have gained from the youth detached meetings (both at school and personally).

We took the Go-Pro camera along with us, to provide another angle for filming shots from the childrens’ perspective and also to provide distraction whilst interviewing the others.

These interviews proved challenging. The boys didn’t really take them seriously at first and were joking with each other for the first round of questions. We decided it would be best to spilt them up, and ask them more serious questions one on one. Although this was a huge improvement, we feel it was the start of gaining trust and them opening up with us on camera. It will probably take another couple of interview sessions to gain the quality of narrative that we are looking for to highlight the youth detached team’s achievements.